Frequently Asked Questions

Your subscription entitles you to unlimited use of GO Box containers and public drop sites. The $24  subscription is good for one year and, if you sign up online, will auto-renew unless you cancel. If you signed up at a vendor, you’ll receive a reminder to renew a year after you first signed up.
The GO Box container is considered microwave-safe. That said, it is generally better to avoid microwaving food in any plastic container, just to be on the safe side. But if you’re comfortable microwaving food in plastic containers, then this will work just fine. The container is made of #5 plastic and is BPA-free!
Please email us at for any technical difficulties relating to the app. When using the app, click the Help button for a tutorial.
Yes. Feel free to buy extra subscriptions in order to have several containers in rotation, to give as gifts, or to share among your employees or coworkers.
Health Department rules prohibit food vendors from serving food in a customer’s personal container. However, GO Box has solved this problem by delivering professionally sanitized containers directly to the vendors.
You do not need to wash or rinse the container before returning it to the drop box, but please make sure it’s as free of food and liquid as possible. If you have the ability to easily give it a quick rinse, that’s great, but not necessary.!
Yes. Our secret sauce of accountability and metric tracking is our GO Box app. You need a smartphone or a tablet to check in and out our containers or cups.