Recap FREE GO Box Member Dinner at LYFE Kitchen

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We are still indulging in the tasty memories from our free GO Box Member dinner at LYFE Kitchen last month. David (on the left), the general manager, served not only all the delicious menu items like creamy pumpkin soup, fresh market salad, crispy chicken, a variety of tacos, and a delicate chocolate mousse, but also shared the story behind LYFE and every meal with us.

Did you know that LYFE was founded by a group of Mc Donalds executives that believed in a healthier and better fast food alternative?
Also, LYFE is on the way to becoming 100% GMO free and tries to buy organic whenever available and economically feasible.

And whats the best about having too much delicious food and being a GO Box member? 


You get to take tasty left-overs home in a GO Box keeping them fresh without soaking or leaking until the next day!

Try it next time!