A Reusable Cup Program In Palo Alto 

paul GO Cups

Yes! We are very excited to add a reusable to-go cup program in addition to our reusable to-go container service. Our GO Cups can save you money and are the best solution for the environment. They keep your hot drinks warmer for much longer as well! 

We are partnering with Coupa Cafe on Ramona St and restaurants like City Hall Cafe to give you easy access to beautiful reusable cups, without the hassle of carrying them around and cleaning them yourself. We’ll take care of that!

Free for existing members! Fast payback for new members.

If you are already a GO Box member in Palo Alto, you can use either a GO Box or the new GO Cup – we’re adding this service for free! If you think this is awesome and you want to join, just download the GO Box App on itunes or on Google Play.  Sign up for a year subscription at $24, and you’ll have unlimited access to our reusable GO Box containers and GO Cups.  

When our amazing partner vendors see the “Good to Go” window in your App, they will reward your sustainable behavior by providing a discount of up to 50¢ per cup. That means you’ll only need a few cups of coffee per month for the cups to pay for themselves.

Disrupting the way we drink to-go.

GO Box and the City of Palo Alto share a vision to create a clean and sustainable environment. Being committed to Zero Waste by 2021, the City of Palo Alto is the perfect place to launch our pilot system. Our goal is to provide the tools to do good on the go.

Cup Facts

GO Box wants to create as little waste with as few resources as possible for our products. For the first trial period of the cup system, we decided to use a BPA free standard P5 cup which has the best resource to usage ratio. We are looking forward to your feedback around the design, material choice and benefits for future generations. More on this in future blog posts!

Cup Material 

  • Made from polypropylene
    Reusable for more than 500 times

    Best resource/usage ratio
  • BPA free
    Worry about this?

    When drinking out of your disposable plastic lid from a paper cup, little particles of BPA are absorbed which can negatively influence your health.
  • Dual-wall design
    Keeps your coffee or tea warm for longer
  • Dishwasher safe
    The best part is that GO Box does the washing for you once you drop them in one of our drop sites.
  • Reusable is beautiful
    Stand out from the crowd and enjoy your coffee sustainably!