Disposable Cups Vs. Reusable Cups

paul GO Cups

What is wrong with the paper cup?

It takes tons of resources to make single use cups. They’re enjoyed for minutes and then thrown away. Even when recycled or composted, the amount that we get back is less than the amount of resources it took to make it.

The result is that the billions of paper cups are used for delicious drinks all while filling our landfills, adding to ocean contamination and harming the environment. Takeaway coffee cups are the second biggest contributor to waste after plastic bottles.**

Reduce and Reuse

At GO Box we’re all about reusing and reducing the environmental impact of daily habits. It is not that the habits in general that are bad, it is the consumer design of to-go cups. We love our warm beverages and we love to make it easy for you to enjoy to-go. Stay tuned for our next update!