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Give Your Customers GO Box!

GO Box is a new way to conveniently and safely reduce waste associated with single-use, disposable containers. With GO Box, your customers can get their meal in a reusable container and you use fewer disposables, reduce garbage, and lower your costs.

Reduce Waste

GO Box offers reusable take out containers that help you create less waste from those pesky single use disposable boxes

Attract Customers

Most GO Box customers choose vendors based on whether they offer GO Box.

Get Noticed

GO Box vendors get shoutouts on our social media pages listed on our website and on our mobile app to help customers find you when they’re hungry.

What You Get

Choose a Container Size

  • GO Box offers 4 sizes to meet your serving needs.
  • GO Box will deliver a constant supply of clean reusable containers and will handle all collection and sanitizing.
  • All pickup and delivery will be done by bicycle.

Receive the GO Box Promotional Package

  • GO Box laminated display sign
  • Placement on GO Box website
  • Marketing fliers for customers
  • Listing on GO Box mobile app

Start serving your customers with reusable GO Box containers!

  • GO Box will provide a specially-designed “drop box” for customers to return their used containers
  • Customers will use their app to enter your specific Vendor Code and show you the “Good to GO” screen.
  • Customers return their used box at a nearby drop site.
  • We deliver clean boxes to you once per week or more often if needed

Start Reducing Waste and Attracting Customers

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